Advanced Mobile Development



Combine our architecture training for mobile developers with our testing training and become a senior mobile engineer. Improve the quality of your apps by improving your engineering skills. Deep dive into software design patterns, testing, architectures, code review processes and best practices for mobile development. You'll be able to apply all these concepts right away to the Android/iOS applications you are building.

* Training compatible with FUNDAE (Fundación Tripartita)


Why should you attend this training?

Every senior mobile engineer should control the application stack from top to bottom. From the principles applied, the patterns used or the architecture chosen to the automated tests written using different techniques. Become a senior engineer it is not easy, but after this training your design skill will help you to create the best possible app your users are going to love!


Software design patterns, architectures and principles should be part of every developer toolbox. Testing our software should be part of our every day routine. Create quality applications is the goal! This course covers the following topics which adds to 40 hours of training.

  • Coupling vs Cohesion.

  • Single responsibility principle.

  • Open close principle.

  • Liskov substitution principle.

  • Interface segregation principle.

  • Dependency inversion principle.

  • Software design patterns for mobile.

  • User interface patterns: MVP vs MVVM vs MVC.

  • Clean architecture.

  • Unit testing.

  • Testable code.

  • Test doubles.

  • Tests taxonomy.

  • Continous integration.

  • Testing for mobile.

  • Unit tests.

  • Integration tests.

  • HTTP Stubbing.

  • UI tests.

  • Screenshot tests.

  • Property based testing.

  • Software design patterns for tests.

Prerequisites & requirements

Pick any language used for mobile development such as Swift, Kotlin or Java, laptop and you're all set. A basic knowledge about OOP is desirable


1400€ per attendee (IVA included). The class size may range from 6 to 16 but if your team is smaller just contact us and we'll see if we can collaborate. The duration of the training is five eight hour session or ten sessions of four hours each.