Android Animations





Make your apps shine thanks to all the animations you will be able to create after the best animations training ever. Learn how to use, property animation, drawable graphics, layout transitions, shared elements, coordinator layout and motion layout from scratch.

* Training compatible with FUNDAE (Fundación Tripartita)

Why should you attend this training?

Implementing animations for your Android apps is not easy at all. However, thanks to this fully practical training you will know what the latest animations frameworks are, how to use them and how to choose the correct one for the animation you have to implement. If you want to improve as Android developer, this is your training.


We will review all the frameworks you can find as part of the Android SDK. From the basic ones, to the framework letting you build complex transitions.

  • View animator.

  • Property animation.

  • Drawable graphics.

  • Layout transition.

  • Shared elements.

  • Coordinator layout

  • Motion layout.

Prerrequisitos & requerimientos

Basic Android knowledge and a laptop with Android studio up to date and you are all set!


420€ per attendee (IVA included). The class size may range from 6 to 16 but if your team is smaller just contact us and we'll see if we can collaborate. The duration of the training is three days, split into three sessions of four hours each. Alternatively, we also offer 1 sessions of fours hours and 1 session of 8 hours, or 2 sessions of 6 hours.