Android Jetpack




Learn how to accelerate development and eliminate boilerplate code using the latest Android libraries. Android Jetpack will provide tools and architectural guidance to build great Android apps.

* Training compatible with FUNDAE (Fundación Tripartita)


Why should you attend this training?

Want to focus on what makes your app unique and rely on common infrastructure code provided by Google, and will become industry standard. Discover components that can be used individually but built to work together that make you more productive. Android Jetpack manages tedious activities navigation, lifecycle management database abstraction and many more so you can focus on what makes your app great.


Android Jetpack Architecture components have classes that help manage your UI component lifecycle, handle data persistence and more.

  • Data Binding: Declaratively bind observable data to UI elements

  • Lifecycles: Manage your activity and fragment lifecycles

  • LiveData: Notify views when underlying database changes

  • Navigation: Handle everything needed for in-app navigation

  • Paging: Gradually load information on demand from your data source

  • Room: Fluent SQLite database access

  • ViewModel: Manage UI-related data in a lifecycle-conscious way

  • WorkManager: Manage your Android background jobs

Prerequisites & requirements

Pick any language used for Android development such as Kotlin or Java, a minimum knowledge of how to use SQL, a laptop and you're all set. A basic knowledge about OOP is desirable.


420€ per attendee (IVA included). The class size may range from 6 to 16 but if your team is smaller just contact us and we'll see if we can collaborate. The duration of the training is three days, split into three sessions of four hours each. Alternatively, we also offer 1 sessions of fours hours and 1 session of 8 hours.