Learn how to accelerate development and eliminate boilerplate code using the latest language developed by Jet Brains and adopted by Google. Kotlin will provide all the features you always wanted to use.

* Training compatible with FUNDAE (Fundación Tripartita)


Why should you attend this training?

Kotlin already has a lot of traction and it's being adopted by most of the newly created Android projects since Google announced it as an first-class language for their OS back in 2017. If you feel Java is slowing you down in your Android projects, or want to give your code a more functional style this is your training.


  • Types: No more primitive types, Any, Unit

  • Constants and variables: val/var

  • Control flow: if, when, while, for

  • String templates

  • Ranges

  • Functions: anonymous functions, default parameters, named arguments, tail recursion

  • Optionality

  • Classes: constructors, objects, properties, fields, inheritance, visibility

  • Interfaces

  • Data classes

  • Sealed classes

  • Enum classes

  • Generics

  • Collections: Mutable and immutable, Maps, Lists, Arrays

  • Extensions: of Generics, of Collections, extended properties

  • Operators: Overloading, inline methods

  • Coroutines: Async/await

  • Delegation

  • Property delegation

Prerequisites & requirements

A basic knowledge about any other programming language is required.


420€ per attendee (IVA included). The class size may range from 6 to 16 but if your team is smaller just contact us and we'll see if we can collaborate. The duration of the training is three days, split into three sessions of four hours each. Alternatively, we also offer 1 sessions of fours hours and 1 session of 8 hours.