We take pride in Rock Solid app coding.



Mobile App Development for iOS, Android

Karumi applies expertise in software coding to native mobile apps optimized for speed and performance across devices. We also have what it takes to tackle large and complex tech stack architectures.



Native iPhone, iPad and iWatch app development with Objective-C and Swift. 



Native Android, Android Tablet app development with Java. 



Native Windows app development with C#.

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System Design

We are experts in designing end-to-end system architectures, showing the behavior and interaction of software and hardware components and being mindful of maintainability and scalability.

No API? No problem! We can custom create it for you specific need or help design it with an external partner.


Flexible and Iterative Process

We know from experience that some concepts look great on paper but fail to work in practice. Our vast experience helps us avoid these sadly common pitfalls and work in an iterative way during the whole process.

Huge Reusable Codebase 

All our solutions are custom-made, built on top of our comprehensive library of reusable code. This makes the project faster to develop and extremely reliable.

In-house Developers Only

We have a team of in-house developers who are quick to respond and happy to explain any of the processes during development.

Multi-platform Development

We provide native development for all major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. Using differentiated development, you can rest assured that your app will be fully optimized, maximizing your users' experience no matter what device they use.

Quality Control and Delivery

Utilizing test-oriented development and detailed code reviews, our code is continuously tested, battle-hardened and fit for purpose. Whether its destination is in the hands of a beta group or the app store, we'll make sure the release goes smoothly and ready for a successful go-to-market showtime.