Karumi Studio



Released in early 2014, Blackphone is the world's first smartphone to put privacy and control ahead of everything else.


Karumi is Blackphone’s software powerhouse, developing various applications and services as part of Blackphone’s proprietary PrivatOS mobile operating system. Special mention deserves the custom work we did to develop the Remote Wipe application in exclusive.

The Remote Wipe is a powerful remote wipe tool that gives Blackphone owners further peace of mind in having the ability to control their phone’s data from anywhere in the world.


With Remote Wipe, you can power off, kill sensitive applications or even wipe the device data remotely via the Blackphone web portal.

Blackphone’s combination of a custom operating system with hand picked application tools optimizes for security. The result: an unparalleled product ideal for information workers, executives, public figures unwilling to give up their privacy.

Blackphone comes unlocked and features several pre-installed privacy tools, all fully enabled for one year of use. These tools include the Silent Circle suite of applications, including Silent Phone, Silent Text, and Silent Contacts; anonymous search, private browsing, and VPN from Disconnect; and secure cloud file storage from SpiderOak.