Exit your coding comfort zone!

Hello XXI century! It's time to face new challenges, exploring new techniques to improve as software engineers.

Practice makes perfection and our training are designed to improve your skills using real world scenarios. Exercises, katas and tech talks with the acumen of years of experience building great apps for Android and iOS.

Are you set & ready to start writing Rock Solid Code?


Improve your skills

Code, code, code and more code! Get actionable feedback from some of our best in-house software engineers.

Improve the quality of your apps by improving your engineering skills. Deep dive into software design patterns, testing, architectures, code review processes and best practices for mobile development. You'll be able to apply all these concepts right away to the Android/iOS applications you are building.


Available training

Android Jetpack

Learn how to accelerate development and eliminate boilerplate code using the latest Android libraries. Android Jetpack will provide tools and architectural guidance to build great Android apps.


Architecture, patterns, and Principles for Android & iOS

Learn how to design software you can truly feel proud of. Design structured software, easy to scale up, evolve, and maintain. Create a robust architecture based on the most important patterns and principles of software design. 


Testing for Android & iOS

Learn how to cover your code with automated tests you can trust for complete peace of coding mind. Automate your QA process by improving the quality of your app, using different testing approaches, including stubbing HTTP, UI tests based on injected test doubles, screenshot testing or the classic unit/integration tests. 


Advanced Mobile Development

Combine our architecture training for mobile developers with our testing training and become a senior mobile engineer. Improve the quality of your apps by improving your engineering skills. Deep dive into software design patterns, testing, architectures and best practices for mobile development.


Mastering Git

Learn how to use Git, a version control system. Design your branching system according to your team requirements and get all the benefits of this great tool, creating a history for your repository which reflects the quality of the software you are building.


Swift Jump Start

Starting from the most basic arithmetic operations to its functional programming features, we will learn how to effectively program in Swift. We will apply this knowledge with exercises during the whole training.

Open training

During the year we've scheduled some open training sessions you can attend if you are not part of any company. We will publish the new training events soon, stay tuned!


Build Rock Solid software and ship quality products your users are going to love using the techniques learned during our training. Apply every concept to your code and improve your software every day after every pull request. If you need some custom training or you would like to mix different topics just contact us with your suggestions.