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Software development with
focus on web and mobile


Karumi is a creative technology company. We develop lean and stable code to build rock solid software. We also provide agile development consulting and training services.


Karumi Studio

Software development with special focus on mobile apps.

Karumi Consulting

Analysis and assessment for optimal tech stack.

Rock solid code training on development.


Karumi Studio

Software development with focus on mobile apps. We like challenging and complex projects, the more ambitious and complex, the better. Bring it on!

- Custom Software Development

- Software Product Development


Karumi Consulting

Information architecture assessment and performance analysis in order to develop tailored recommendations to help companies that are looking to address legacy situations and a modernization of their tech systems.

- IT Infrastructure Audit / Scalability and Performance Assessment.

- IT Strategy Development.

- Software Architecture Review.


Karumi Trainings

Our side project to share everything we have learned over the years in the business of software engineering. Ranging from corporate to user courses, we deliver a series of programming courses with special focus to mobile development emphasizing on clean code principles, design patterns and automated testing.

- Software Architecture.

- Automated testing.

- iOS / Android native apps development.

- Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.


Capabilities & Technologies

Karumi has the ability to look across the entire stack of technologies to develop great usable, solid, scalable applications.

- Mobile apps development: In the mobile era we live in, we dominate Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

- Back-end and server coding: Server, application and database with Python, Java, MySQL, NoSQL.